Interview founder and designer Anet Ooyman - Vrouwenmode July 2014

12 Nov 2015

The collections of the Dutch brand no man’s land are characterized by Dutch simplicity combined with Italian elegance. The brand cooperates with small local Italian companies for years and respects sustainable materials, craftsmanship and handiwork combined with modern techniques according to Anet Ooijman and Salvatore Cascone; the founders of no man’s land. The fact that no man’s land is sold in additional countries, will  indicate these values. We spoke with founder and designer Anet Ooyman, who works mostly at the design office in Venice. She told us the secret behind the success of no man’s land.

no man’s land is... Italian elegance and flair with Dutch simplicity. Understated luxury and high quality within Italian craftsmanship.

It all started in… 1983,when Anet Ooyman and Salvatore Cascone started the agency Cascone & Co with different Italian brands. After many requests of costumers they started  their own production of high quality and affordable clothing for ten years later, which eventually grows into the label no man’s land.

I get my inspiration from... travelling - my favorite cities are Tokyo, Copenhagen and Paris. But I also find inspiration in movies, magazines, museums and music.

Sustainable production is important to us, because… we as a company feel responsible for what we will leave to the future generations. Therefore sustainability is at the forefront while choosing our materials and responsible productions.

My favorite design is... a  fine merino wool cardigan, but also a nice long cardigan in a luxury quality - in a beautiful mohair yarn for example.

The No Man’s Land woman... is driven, independently, has her own opinion, likes quality, prefers beautiful but subdued colors, and chooses responsible produced clothing.

The Dutch woman should be more... consistent. Cheap doesn’t go hand in hand often with sustainable and responsible production. A very inexpensive garment is always accompanied with cheap labor, which often occurs in poor conditions.

That no man's land will be sold in additional countries is... inherent in the way the collection becomes reality; passion, drive, materials, production and craftsmanship.

The Summer 2015 collection... remains faithful to my handwriting. It is about being innovative but always in a responsible way.

Collection Fall Winter 2014 | 2015

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