Visiting our small winery

14 Apr 2017

We’ve visited our vineyard in Italy where our winery produces the finest Valdobbiadene treasure: Dobladino. Prosecco exclusively for no man’s land. 

Valdobbiadene is located in rolling hills at the foot of the Alps, just a one-hour drive from the beautiful city of Venice. They have been making wine here for many generations. The first records of the prosecco industry date back to the 19th century when locals discovered the climate was perfect for growing the Glera grapes with its mild winters and the wetter summers. 
It is definitely worth visiting the beautiful landscapes, picturesque houses and the well-kept vineyards of this region. And the Alps make a spectacular backdrop.

Thanks to a good friend, Anet and Salvatore were able to buy a small vineyard in the little village of Ron. Here they produce limited supplies of prosecco, just a few hundred meters from Valdobbiadene city centre. The winery, located in front of the San Floriano church, produces the Dobladino prosecco.

Wine Route

‘Strada del Prosecco’ is a wine route between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. The route leads you through a landscape full of vineyards with rows and rows of vines. Follow the trail past wineries, trees and centuries-old rustic farms. The owners take pride in their products and are happy to let you taste their wine and all kinds of local products and traditional dishes.

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