Breaking news: il gazzettino della no man’s land

13 Feb 2017

il gazzettino della no man’s land | La prima edizione ’17 | Italian brunch 

In January we published the very first edition of the no man’s land gazzettino. The gazzettino is the perfect addition to a lovely Italian brunch, with 4 pages full of no man’s land content. The no man’s land gazzettino is an independent, European newspaper that is published in English. This first edition holds information on no man’s land, highlights the new collection and contains other interesting nice-to-knows. After reading the paper, you are fully up-to-date of all the ins and outs of our family.

With which frequency we will publish the newspaper is still a surprise! If you are interested in receiving the first edition of no man’s land gazzettino, please feel free to contact us.

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