Jiffy Steamer

08 Aug 2016

no man’s land strives for sustainable production and aftercare. By treating your clothing with love, you contribute to a more sustainable clothing cycle, and you can enjoy your clothes longer. This is one of the reasons why we are a big fan of the brand Jiffy and its Steamer.

This machine uses the power of steam to remove folds and creases from clothing. We use the steamer ourselves to remove creases from folding or after transport out of Italy. But at home a steamer is very practical as well! 

How does it work? Place your garment on the clothing hanger of the steamer and run the mouth of the steamer past the fabrics. You can also hold your garment a bit tighter. Now the steam spreads on the fabrics, without warming it too much or squeezing it like a flatiron does. And so your garments and fabrics become sleek and smooth. Since the steamer has wheels, the device is very portable. And a nice side effect: delicate fabrics such as wool and silk get cleaned while steaming. 

Image: jiffysteamer.nl


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