no man's land & Seepje

13 Jul 2016

The pure and natural materials that are essential to the no man’s land collections should be treated with a natural and caring product. For a while we've searched for a mild and ecological detergent that strengthens our clothing. After a couple of tests in both Italy and the Netherlands, Seepje turned out to treat our materials with love and proper delicacy. Luckily the men of Seepje are just as enthusiastic about collaborating as we are, so we decided to join forces. We both strive to treat products with the same love and care as it was made with. Seepje consists of 100% fairtrade peels pf Nepal and doesn't only keep our clothing long-lasting and fresh, it also contributes to a better environment.

The feminine collections of no man’s land consist of pure materials like merino wool and silk, which were fabricated with Italian techniques. The emphasis on comfort finds its base in Dutch Design and is completed through Italian craftsmanship and passion for textiles of high quality. Our pure materials, made of the finest yarns, are the essence of the refined basics no man’s land is known for. We produce clothing with care and devotion. Since our headdesigner, Anet Ooyman, works closely with producers during the design- and production process, no man’s land ensures high quality and devotion by all means. Our delicate products must be washed with a mild soap for a long-lasting life.

Seepje is such a 100% natural soap. The product consists of peels of the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit, coming from the Sapindus trees which grow plenty in and around the Himalaya mountains. Because of the favourable climate in Nepal, the biggest fruits of the highest quality grow there. As soon as the peels have been dried, they posses special characteristics. Once the dried peels touch water, a natural soap arises. The locals of Nepal used these peels for the washing of their clothes for years. How does it work at home? Put the Seepje peels in the included laundry bag, which you put in the washing machine together with your laundry. You can reuse the peels three times to clean your laundry. Seepje also has 100% fair-trade liquid detergent. These liquid Seepjes contain the extract of the Seepje peels for 70%, filled up with natural substances such as saponified sunflower oil and citric, to give your laundry a blissful fragrance.

We wash the world cleaner and fair together with Seepje!


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