Gusto di Casto

08 Jun 2016

Gusto di Casto is such a special find, we almost want to keep it to ourselves. When we eat these sandwiches for lunch at the office, the day is close to perfect. They’re so big and richly made, that we always cut them in half  - even better, because this means you can try out different kinds! At the same time, it really doesn’t matter – they’re all delicious and made with care. At our stand at the ‘De Modefabriek’ Gusto di Casto has been in charge of the catering for years. Just as no man’s land, Gusto is a true family business and that’s why it feels so familiar. Salvatore has visited this place for years, and he highly recommends ordering a coffee when you visit them!

Gusto di Casto
Gelderlandplein – Van Leijenberghlaan 216
1082 DC Amsterdam 

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