Fiat 500 by no man’s land

12 May 2016

Our designer Anet Ooijman has styled the Fiat 500 for those who love to travel in style. This iconic Italian car is a perfect sustainable gadget.

For many years no man’s land has guaranteed a strong and unique style. The perfect mix of Dutch serenity, Mediterranean elegance and pure craftsmanship, which recurs in every collection, is something that Anet Ooijman clearly translated in the design of the Fiat 500 by no man’s land.

The appearance of the car, model TwinAir plus, shows the typical quality of no man’s land: modest luxury with an edge. The base color is Electroglass Grey. The roof, the window frames and the mirrors are matt black and the colours flow naturally over. The special wheels 16 inch Xylo by AEZ make the car complete.

The interior has a rich appearance: the dashboard has an RVS-look, as well as the door handles, the side strips and the smaller details like the key covers. The coating is made of specially designed Diamond stitching leather, which is also used for the shelf, the center armrest and the frame of the mats. The Fiat 500 by no man’s land is provided with all practical necessities like a make-up mirror for the driver, a leather wheel with all control options and the Blue and Me-system, which connects with every smartphone. 

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