The merino sheep

23 Nov 2015

Photo: Dailymotion

Things change through the time, but what is good has to stay. From the beginning no man's land started producing a turtleneck from merino wool. This kind of wool was unknown in the country back then, but nowadays the sweater is still part of the collection and is a bestseller for years. Years ago a label hung on the sweaters with the following text:

The ancestors from this animal come from Spain. In the 18th century the Spanish king gave away some of his most beautiful sheep, which were kept carefully inside the Spanish border until then, as a gift to the British royal. 
Later, the descendants of these sheeps were imported by English colonists in Australia. By carefully breeding these sheeps has become the super-sheep of this time: 'The Australian merino.'
The wool of the merino is thin, soft and supple, but also strong and resilient. It is therefor eminently suited for smooth, light clothing of the highest quality.


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