Nonino Grappa flask

09 Nov 2015

Distiller Nonino perfections artisanal techiques to create grappa, an alcoholic Italian drink. Since 1897 they have been experimenting with single-grape grappa, or Monovitigno® - a word that didn’t exist in the Italian dictionary until Nonino invented it.

The Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings has designed and created a series of pocket-sized flasks, based on the single-grape approach of the Nonino distillers. These portable metal flasks come with a small cup so you can take and drink your grappa everywhere. This ‘grappa on the go’ concept anticipates on the latest development of the Italian liquor brand, which produced a series of cocktails from their house liquors.

The design of the flask combines the silhouette of a classic hip flask with the duo’s design signature lines. The colours from nature and the texture from the fruit that is used to produce grappa served as the inspiration for the colour palette used in the designs. The five chosen colours correspond with the five selected Nonino grappa Monovitigno® variants, honouring the origin of the drink.  

Image: Scholten & Baijings 



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