Recepy Limoncello

14 Nov 2016

As a brand rooted in Italy we love a glass of ice cold limoncello. Of course you can bring a bottle from Italy, but it’s easy and even more fun to make it yourself. You only need four ingredients, of which the main ingredient is, of course, the lemon. Make sure you use biological lemons of high quality. 

Ingredients for 1 litre: 

5 biological lemons
600 ml vodka
200 gr sugar
400 ml water

How to make it:

First wash the lemons and peel them with a vegetable peeler. Only peel of the yellow part, since the white tastes very bitter. 

Put 600 ml vodka and the peels of the lemons in a clean glass bottle or a carafe. Let it infuse in a dark and cool place for two or three weeks. After this resting time, separate the vodka from the peels by filtering it. Now it's time to add a little sugar. Put together the sugar and water and slowly bring it to boil. The syrup is ready once the sugar is resolved. Add the syrup to the filtered infusion. Put the (almost!) limoncello in a dark or cool place for another week. Now your home-made limoncello is ready for consuming, preferably ice cold of course. Salute! 

Photo: Vogue Living Pinterst

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