Paolo Sorrentino

21 Sep 2016

We have a weakness for the films of the Italian film director and author Paolo Sorrentino. His second-to-last film, La grande bellezza, is our favourite! This movie won a well-deserved Oscar for best foreign film. 

La grande bellezza is seen as homage to La dolce vita, a film from 1960 by the Italian film director Federico Fellini about the ‘sweet life’ of the sixties in Rome. The main character of La grande bellezza is Jep Gambardella, a 65-year-old journalist who wrote a novel when he was young. After this success he immersed himself into the nightlife of Rome and never wrote a second novel. He gets depressed by his surroundings and grieves about the missed chances in his life, like his lost youth love. Gambardella decides to give his life a new twist and searches for the purpose and beauty of life.

Other movies Paolo Sorrentino made among others are L'uomo in più, Il divo, This Must Be the Place, La grande bellezza and Youth. It is lovely to watch these movies, especially now autumn has arrived.

Source: IMDb

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