Italian Design: reissue Sancarlo sofa by Tacchini

26 Sep 2016

Alongside the Mediterranean touch within our own collections, we love to see it in our interior as well. Therefore we’re putting our favorite design items in the spotlights! We hereby present you the beautiful reissue of the Italian Sancarlo sofa by Tacchini.

The Sancarolo sofa was originally produced by the famous designer Achille Castiglioni for the Italian brand Driade. Tacchini used the base of this design and gave it a modern twist using modest and minimal shapes. But still we recognize the roots of the golden age of Italian design.

A very nice detail: this sofa puts comfort first! The round cushions make us think of the body pillow. We would love to nestle ourselves on this sofa with some fashion magazines. Amore!

Sancarlo Sofa by Achille Castiglioni, reissue by Tacchini, photo: 

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