Bucatini cacio e pepe

26 Nov 2015

Photo: Salvatore Cascone

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Level of difficulty: easy

Ingredients for 4 persons:

350 g bucatini
80 to 100 ml extra virgin olive oil
180 g grated Pecorino Romano
Coarse ground black pepper

Cook the bucatini al dente. Then drain the water, add olive oil and grated Pecorino Romano en stir well. Finish with coarse ground black pepper. Easy does it!

Serve hot.

Combines beautifully with a nice beautiful wine as Orvieto bianco of wine producer Decugnano dei Barbi (www.decugnanodeibarbi.com) or Palai Múller Thurgau of Pojer e Sandri (www.pojeresandri.it)

Photo: Salvatore Cascone

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