Dutch Design: Z1 Cotton hanglamp by Ay Illuminate

05 Jul 2016

Alongside the Dutch touch within our own collections, we love to see it in our interior as well. Local craftsmanship and natural materials are important to both Ay illuminate and to no man’s land. Therefore we're putting this new design item in the spotlights: the Z1 Cotton hang lamp of the Dutch brand Ay illuminate.

The Z1 Cotton hang lamp demands attention. The robust frame combined with a unique lampshade creates a rich and unique whole. With this lamp you can light up the whole room, since the fabric spreads the light beautifully and doesn’t shine too hard. The Z1 Cotton lamp has a lampshade made of cotton, strung between a frame of bamboo. The same model is also designed with a lampshade of hand-woven sisal: the Z1 Sisal hang lamp. Some of the hang lamps of Ay illuminate cannot be unnoticed, like the Z2 Sisal hang lamp, which has a diameter of 77 centimetres. Moreover the Z2 Sisal hang lamp is higher than one meter, just as the Z2 Cotton hang lamp. Both the cotton and the sisal version are hand-woven by local practitioners. That’s why all lamps are unique, and bring a piece of culture in your home as well. 

Ay illuminate has a starting point that we feel really connected with: “make use of what is”. They use natural materials from Africa, Asia and South-America, of which a beautiful collection of hang lamps was created, made of local raw materials like cotton, sisal and silk. Moreover, the life of local artisans and in particular woman in Africa will be supported and improved by Ay illuminate. Amore!  

Source & images: Ay Illuminate 


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