Federico Fellini

07 Jun 2016

Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastraoianni & Sophia Loren, set 8 ½, 1963, festivaldecannes.com

He is probably one of the most famous directors of all time: Federico Fellini (1920-1993). The famous Italian director has the well-known movies La Dolce Vita, 8 ½ and Casanova to his name. His movies are often psychological dramas in which a colourful character searches for the true meaning of life. This search is reflected in the character’s memories, dreams, fantasies and obsessions. Next to the interesting stories that often criticize the Italian society, the movies are truly aesthetic! Fellini managed to translate his vision to remarkable sets and quite often made use of symbolism. 

Our favourite Fellini movie is La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life). This movie shows the life of reporter Marcello Rubini, looking for a sensational story to report, spending his nights with the Romanian upper class to do so. Rubini dreams of being a writer, but he gives up this dream to pursue a career in the well-paid sensational press. Despite the realization that his current profession is superficial, he gets swept away by the sweet life of the beau monde. La Dolce Vita was shot in Rome, mainly on the Via Veneto. But the most famous still of the movie is at an even more famous site – the Trevi Fountain.


La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini, 1960, kinfo.it

Trevifontein, La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini, 1960, kinfo.it 

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