Cookbook Cucina Italiana

21 Apr 2016

Diverse, healthy, rich and delicious: the Italian kitchen with all her colourful dishes, diverse tastes and delicious smells are our source of inspiration. The cookbook Cucina Italiana, published by White Star, doesn’t lack in our big marble and familial kitchen. 

The book contains the most delicious recipes, selected by the famous Academia Barilla chefs, which vary from main dishes to desserts. The main dishes are called after the origin of the area (Venetian, Milanese, Tuscan) and the desserts are the result of local products. The recipes were passed on from generation to generation and from family to family. The chefs gave it their own twist and voilà: the cookbook with classic, traditional dishes with a culinary feat became reality.

Our favourites? The tortelli di zucca (pumpkin ravioli with sage), radicchio alla trevigiana (radicchio from the region of Treviso) and cappon magro (a Genuan salad of seefood and varied fresh vegetables). Buon appetito!

Cookbook: Cucina Italiana 

The tortelli di zucca

Radicchio alla trevigiana 

Cappon magro

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