Italian Design: Moka Express by Alfonso Bialetti

25 Feb 2016

Besides our own Italian collections, we love to see design by Italian product designers as well. Therefore we put the Moka Express of the Italian designer Alfonso Bialetti in the spotlights! 

Designing the coffeepot back in 1933, the Moka Express became an important part of the Italian kitchen. The most cherished aluminum coffee machine can be found in every kitchen in Italy. This eighty-year-old design has a simplistic and classic appearance by its octagonal shape. The Moka Express must be placed on gas or on a hot plate, to create a delicious and strong Italian espresso – the authentic way. A fun detail: you will find l’omino con i baffi – the man with the moustache – on every Moka. This man was drawn at the beginning of the fifties by Paul Campani and became a true symbol of Bialetti.

For the true espresso-lover: the blueprints of the Moka Express can be seen at the Design Museum in London. In case you are around, a visit is absolutely worth it!  

Source: P & Co, 

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