Italian Design: Tuareg floor lamp by Foscarini

26 Nov 2015

Alongside the Mediterranean touch within our own collections, we love to see it in our interior as well. Therefore we’re putting our favourite design items in the spotlights! This time it’s up to the floor lamp Tuareg of the Italian brand Foscarini.

Ferruccio Laviani designed the floor lamp of Foscarini in 2013. The composition of hard diagonal lines and tubes shows the art of light, and it looks like a mysterious sculpture when placed in your interior. The design shows a geometric play and reminds us of the work of artists like Piet Mondriaan or Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. The outer three diagonal tubes can be flipped and shine the LED-light into different corners of the room.

The Tuareg floor lamp is made of varnished aluminum and available in the colours black and orange. Amore!  

Photo: Foscarini

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