Our history

“It all started with a merino wool turtleneck”.

In 1983, Anet Ooijman (the Netherlands) and Salvatore Cascone (Italy) founded Cascone & Co. as a multi-brand agency for several Italian clothing brands, targeting the Dutch and Belgian fashion market. They discovered the manufacturing know-how in Northern Italy, where the tradition of craftsmanship comes together with modern production techniques. Ten years later, upon repetitive request from their clientele, Anet and Salvatore started the production of a few high-quality, yet affordable fashion items. This led to the birth of the women’s wear label no man’s land.

Under their own label, Anet and Salvatore introduced a relatively unknown fabric in the Netherlands. Their merino wool turtleneck, created with a pure, high-quality material, is still one of no man’s land her best-selling items. With their headquarters on the former island of Marken, the Netherlands, and their design studio close to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, Cascone & Co. is a true European company. Today Cascone & Co. is represented in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Finland.

The brand

Visit an Italian family and be surprised by their passion and dedication to the quality of life. These family members serve local wine from exquisite grapes and share the purest, fresh-baked bread, wanting only the best for their family. It’s the same warmth and commitment that defines no man’s land, wanting only the best for its retailers and customers, whom they consider as family.

Emerging from Dutch and Italian roots, no man’s land offers a wearable line of women’s clothing with Mediterranean elegance. The emphasis on comfort originates from ‘Dutch Design’, which is combined with Italian craftsmanship and passion for high-quality textiles. Pure materials, made from the finest yarns, are essential to the refined basics that no man’s land is well known for.

no man’s land develops clothing with care and commitment. Materials have a European origin and the garments are produced in Italy, in compliance with the European guidelines for labor, environment and consumer protection. The head of design works in close cooperation with producers and suppliers throughout the design and production process, ensuring of a consistent high quality and care. Whether it’s at the office in Marken or at the design studio near Venice, everyone is passionate to consistently provide the best quality for retailers and customers; you only want best for your family.

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